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The Soybean Solution

Brought to Life in

Benin, Africa

Why Africa?

Africa is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change because of its economic dependence on rain-fed agriculture.

Recent estimates by the United Nations and similar organizations show that about 20% of the African population (282 million people) was undernourished in 2022, 868 million people were moderately or severely food-insecure.

Africa continues to struggle with infectious diseases such as malaria, and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


In 2019, Lorraine McCamley, one of MGI's founders and Board members, met a gentleman from Benin, Africa named Sènou Francis DEGBEGNI at the University of Delaware. Sènou, along with 19 other high-caliber Africans, were part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, a U.S. State Department program.

In early 2020, Lorraine was able to travel to Benin, Africa, as part of the MWF Reciprocal Exchange program to collaborate with Sènou

on developing and facilitating a strengths-based leadership for local volunteers and university students. Since then, Lorraine and Sènou

have collaborated on several projects and, along with Sènou's wife, Monique, have built a relationship based on trust and common values.

A Positive Impact

    Economic Benefits

    This program will provide a local business opportunity, and both full-time and outsourced employment. Once this program is self-sustaining, the pilot can be replicated throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, potentially through a franchise model under the brand SoyDélices.

    Health Benefits

    The new soy company in Benin will become a prominent source of high-quality soy products, proven to boost immune systems against prevalent diseases such as malaria, and reduce the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and respiratory disease.

    Environmental Benefits

    Increasing human consumption of non-GMO, organic soybeans and soy-derived products will reduce deforestation rates, carbon emissions, the use of harmful pesticides and related soil and water contamination, all associated with animal and commercial farming.

The Plan

MGI is raising funds to build the infrastructure for a self-sustaining soy company in Abomey-Calavi Commune, Benin, Africa. This company, SoyDélices, will be managed and run by Sènou and Monique. Their first products will be tempeh, a fermented soy product, and three varieties of tofu: plain, smoked, and seasoned.

The first phase of implementation is the acquisition of land and building the SoyDélices facility. Each room has a different purpose, including a fermentation room and a climate-controlled storage area. The current landowner is generously gifting a portion of the land to the project.  

Meet Monique ZANNOU, who will serve as the Head of Operations for SoyDélices, as she refines her recipe for making beautiful tofu!

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